Is Reinforcement Learning (RL) a fantasy?

Can a future artificial intelligence be made safe? And, assuming that AI safety is feasible,

Safe and Friendly AI

In a recent blog post titled Maverick Nannies and Danger Theses, Kaj Sotala gave a long and

Artificial General Intelligence

How to Build an AGI — and How Not To So, you want to build an artificial general intelligence?

Debunking Fallacies in the Theory of AI Motivation

… or The Maverick Nanny with a Dopamine Drip Richard P. W. Loosemore Abstract My

Defining Benevolence

Can we build a benevolent AI, and how do we get around the problem that

Reinforcement Learning and AI

Reinforcement learning, the way it is now practiced in AI, is just old-fashioned Behaviorism on